About the Authors

Paul Yin was born in China and spent 22 years in the US, but returned to China to fulfill his dream of providing psychologist service to his countrymen. Today, Paul is mostly known as a prominent psychologist from China. But he is a true renaissance man living a life of no-limits. On a unique winding path, and through events like the SARS epidemic, the Sichuan earthquake, Asiana Airlines Flight 214 and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, he was guided into a life of answering the call of service to humanity. This is Paul Yin’s debut publication in the US. He has published several books in China as well as numerous poetry and magazine articles, and has been a frequent guest on TV and radio.  

Trina A. Kraus, M.Ed. is a mom to two vivacious and intelligent little girls. She holds a Master’s degree in Education, is an English teacher, adjunct professor, and author for adoption.com. Please subscribe to her blog at trinaakraus.com to enjoy some tips from the heart of a teacher who has cared deeply for her students and believes the path to a better world starts in the classroom.